Census Familia,

This evening, March 4, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom shared key updates on the state’s monitoring of COVID-19. We wanted to be sure to share updates with you all, so we recommend you read this release from his office and watch the archived press conference here.

The health and safety of all Californians is our top priority. While the risk to the health of the general public remains low, we encourage you to follow local and state health guidelines.

We advise all Californians to follow the public health guidelines put forward by the California Department of Public Health, including:

·    Washing hands with soap and water.

·    Avoiding touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. 

·    Avoiding close contact with people who are sick are all ways to reduce the risk of infection with a number of different viruses. 

·    Staying away from other people if you become sick with respiratory symptoms like fever and cough. 

At this time, we encourage partners to continue activities as planned. We are getting the word out about how Californians can safely participate in the Census and encouraging them to begin participating on March 12 without health risks: online, by mail or by phone.

We are in close communication with our emergency management and public health contacts. Should there be any changes to the situation, we will work with you to disseminate any updated information.

Release: http://cert1.mail-west.com/rm0Byj0O/janmc7/710Bgtmyuz/8u5ftq5ot1o/qvnq0By8/69nom6c0c1o710B/wgdwa?_c=d%7Cze7pzanwmhlzgt%7C17b1p0p6zba96tj&_ce=1583369852.f05a9fda7e118b16e21d8b29f05d4fe3

Press conference: https://twitter.com/CAgovernor/status/1235354528435724289

Visit CDPH: https://cdph.ca.gov/