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For Immediate Release

SACRAMENTO—The Native People Count California (NPCCA) campaign, Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC), and Mixteco/Indígena Community Organizing Project (MICOP) will kick off an unprecedented statewide Indigenous Week of Action for the 2020 Census in California from September 7-12.

On September 10, NPCCA, EPIC, and MICOP will celebrate the 2020 California Census Indigenous Peoples Day. Other themed days throughout the week include the following:

Tribal/Urban Week of Action Activities
Monday, September 7: Labor Day Holiday, Blessings/Songs, Recognizing Migrant Workers
Tuesday, September 8: Blessing/Songs + California Native Vote Project Hosted Event
Wednesday, September 9: Tribal Call-In Day!
Thursday, September 10: 2020 California Census Indigenous Peoples Day
Friday, September 11: 9/11 Remembrance
Saturday, September 12: Essential Worker and Native Census Hero Appreciation

Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Week of Action Activities

Monday, September 7: Labor Day Recognition
Tuesday, September 8: #FaithfulCensus. Teach-in for pastors and clergy
Wednesday, September 9: Queer Trans Pacific Islanders (QTPI)
Thursday, September 10: 2020 California Census Indigenous Peoples Day
Friday, September 11: Honoring service members, essential workers, and organizations who have provided food distribution and PPE
Saturday, September 12: #YouthfulCensus + Dance party

The new deadline to complete the 2020 Census is September 30. NPCCA, EPIC, and MICOP encourage everyone to complete the Census TODAY by mail, phone (858) 285-7539, or online at

Our grassroots partnership recognizes that Indigenous peoples are considered “hard-to-count” under the Census. Our partnership allows us to engage all of our communities with a strong, clear, and unified voice and amplify our efforts to provide an accurate count of Indigenous peoples, including urban and rural Native Americans and Indigenous migrant communities in the 2020 Census.

Visit for more information about how you can participate in next week’s activities.



Native People Count California is the official California complete count – Census 2020 tribal media outreach campaign. Launched in January 2020 – the Native People Count CA campaign is a collaboration between the Governor’s Office of the Tribal Advisor, the California Complete Count – Census 2020 office, and Tribal Media Outreach Partners NUNA Consulting Group, LLC, California Indian Manpower Consortium, Inc. (CIMC), and the California Native Vote Project (CNVP). Native People Count CA was created with the belief that the 2020 Census is an integral piece to upholding the fiduciary responsibility by the United States federal government to Tribes and its delegated authority to state and local governments.

About EPIC

EPIC is a national organization based in Los Angeles and was established in 2009 by a group of young Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) leaders who recognized the urgency to address the growing needs of NHPI families. With experiences ranging from grassroots organizing to higher education administration, these young leaders identified an immediate need to build a strong and unified advocacy voice for NHPIs; a need for data that serve as testament to the needs of NHPI families; and a need for a pipeline of strong leaders who can be advocates and influencers in, and on behalf of, the community. Since its inception, EPIC has rooted its work in advocating on behalf of NHPI families; building partnerships within and outside the NHPI community; creating tools and resources to support organizational and community capacity; and developing leaders and advocates. EPIC is fiscally sponsored by Community Partners.


The Mixteco/Indígena Community Organizing Project (MICOP) unites indigenous leaders and allies to strengthen the Mixtec and indigenous immigrant community in Ventura County, estimated at 20,000 people. Most are strawberry farmworkers, and many speak primarily their indigenous language. MICOP’s majority-indigenous staff builds community leadership and self-sufficiency through education and training programs, language interpretation, health outreach, humanitarian support, and cultural promotion. We organize the community to advocate for shared concerns. MICOP reaches approximately 6,000 individuals each year. MICOP is also the founder and home of Radio Indigena, out of Oxnard, CA, a radio station with programming in indigenous languages such as Mixteco.

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